Therianthropy—the mythological ability of humans to metamorphose into animals by means of shapeshifting (and vice versa)—is the next installment in our American Wild Ale series and will be available when we open on August 7th.

Therianthropy is a Scottish-style ale brewed with Golden Promise malt and soured in oak barrels.

When we removed La Couronne Sauvage—our first foray into the world of mixed culture beer—from barrels after six months of aging, our brewers were curious to see how the souring bacteria would assert itself in a small batch of Scottish Ale (the base beer for our Lavender Ale that was yet to be dosed).

After being inoculated in the selfsame barrels and aged for several months, our mixed culture imparted tart, fruity flavors evocative of dried stone fruit that wonderfully complement its smooth, sweet malt base, building a flavor profile not unlike a Flanders Red Ale. Throughout its phases and fluctuations, this beer is the finished product of an experiment gone wonderfully right.

Packaged 7.12.19 in 750ml corked & capped bottles and available exclusively in the Taproom on 8.07.19.