We’re so excited for this year’s FemAle Brewfest, we brewed an extra-special beer for the occasion! Created entirely by the talented female staff of Motorworks from start to finish, including brewing, testing, art, and branding, and inspired by women in brewing everywhere, Wings of Lilith is a refreshingly tart fruited Kölsch opens with a citrus burst of tangerine aroma complemented by sweet floral notes of cranberry hibiscus. A spritz of lemon peel dances through this medium-bodied brew with a fresh bite of ginger providing a crisp, dry finish. Best of all, the profits from this beer will go to Motorworks’ Women in Brewing Continuing Education Fund. Available now in the taproom for your enjoyment, and in cans soon.

Pouring this lovely brew for Motorworks at FemAle Brewfest will be Susie Bennett, our endlessly talented Quality Assurance Analyst, Microbiologist, and Resident Genius; Brynn Lovato, an amazing new member of our Brewing team, and Amanda Scott, our quirky Marketing Manager. (That’s me!) We are so excited for this year’s event and look forward to meeting all of you there! Come have a beer with us and celebrate the talented women of our beloved industry. :)