Andrew Pollard, Cellarman

Andrew is the youngest member of our team, and he doesn’t exactly try to hide it. But don’t let that boyish grin fool you; Andrew is an incredibly hard worker and one of the most enthusiastic and passionate members of our team. Sometimes a little too enthusiastic; 8AM is too early for high-fives, Andrew. But at the end of the day, we’re all thrilled he’s a part of this brewing family, we’re proud of the progress he’s made, and we’re excited to see where he goes from here.

 Q: What sparked your interest in craft beer (any brew in particular that started it all)? 

A: I kind of just fell into it, really; I moved to Florida (from Indiana) in 2014 and needed a job to help pay for school, so I started washing dishes at Motorworks. While working I started to learn a lot about the industry and made a lot of great friends who helped propel my interest in the community and the science behind it all even further. I discovered I was incredibly passionate about being able to help create a product that people would be able to consume and enjoy. Brooklyn Lager was really one of the first brews that helped jump start my interest in beer early on.

Q: How do you spend your free time? What are you most likely to be found doing outside work?

A: More than likely playing video games, watching Netflix, or cycling.

Q: Have you gotten your fixie tattoo yet? So, what are your favorite biking trails/spots around Tampa Bay?

A: No tattoo yet – but soon for sure! Cycling is definitely the second biggest passion in my life – after beer, obviously! My favorite spot to hit is downtown St. Pete. It’s fun to ride around and check out the murals while hitting up all the breweries along the way. A Tour de Brewery, you could call it. (We’ll work on that one, Andrew.)

Q: You started out in the front-of-house washing dishes, began serving, and then moved full-time into the brewery as a Cellarman. With several pilot system brews under your belt you’ll soon advance to a full-fledged brewer; what’s been the best part about life in the brew house so far?

A: Definitely being able to work with such a great group of guys back there. It’s a serious operation, but we still have a lot of fun. We work our butts off but never let things get too “serious,” cracking jokes even when there are still hours of work to be done.

Q: What short-term goals do you have at the brewery? Long-term? Where do you see yourself in three to five beers, sorry…years?

A: One of my short-term goals is definitely to start brewing on the big system and get added into the rotation. Long-term, I hope I’ll eventually be able to write my own recipes. I intend on growing even further at Motorworks over the next few years and hopefully I’ll see our distribution footprint expand nationwide!

Q: Last but no least, what styles of beer do you typically enjoy? Go-to Motorworks brew?

A: My go-to has got to be our Midnight Espresso, for sure.