Rhinocerotic – 4-Pack 16oz Cans – TO GO/PICK UP IN TAPROOM ONLY


A strikingly golden Gose brewed with saffron. This on-the-nose ale is inspired by Dalí’s belief that the rhino horn is a symbol of absolute perfection.

The label has one design, created by our in-house Graphic Designer Eric Wolfe Sahlsten which features a Dalí-inspired rhino. Dalí was fascinated by spirals and the DNA molecule, and he considered the rhinoceros’ horn a perfect logarithmic spiral and a perfect form within nature. This was also the case with sunflowers—“in the intersection of the sunflower spirals there is evidently the perfect shape of the rhinoceros horn”.

His painting Assumpta Corpuscularia Lapislazulina features a dialogue between God, the Son and multiple rhinoceros’ horns and Dalí believed the horn was a mystical, cosmic form and symbol of divine order and the creator.

“The rhinoceros is the only animal that carries an incredible amount of cosmic knowledge within its armor.” – Salvador Dalí

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