Julebyrg – Cardamom & Pink Pepper Saison – 22oz Bottle – TO GO/PICK UP IN TAPROOM ONLY


Our spin on a wintertime Nordic Spiced-Beer, this bright, copper-colored Saison features aromas of bergamot, lemon, mint, orange, and clove, with initial flavors of spicy pink peppercorns followed by bitter lemon that’s rounded out by a sweet orange character.

The Julbock, or Yule goat, is a common figure in modern Scandinavian countries. Its earliest manifestations are rooted in the worship of Thor, whose chariot was drawn across the sky by a pair of goats, while today, small Julbock made of straw are a staple household Christmas Decoration, good luck charm, and a Santa-like figure bearing gifts and good cheer–God Jul!

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22 IBU

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