Cladogenesis – American Wild Ale – 750ml Bottle – TO GO/PICK UP IN TAPROOM ONLY


Cladogenesis—evolutionary change by the branching off of new species from common ancestral types—is a collaboration with Inoculum Ale Works.

We brewed 15bbl of simple Saison wort (unfermented beer) with 100% Pilsen malt and transferred half of it into Inoculum’s stainless tote, which they drove back to their brewery.

We each fermented our respective half-batches in stainless and oak, pitching the same Saison yeast but inoculating with our own distinct mixed cultures to highlight and compare the effects of our disparate bacteria cultures.

This is our stainless-fermented batch; it’s bursting with ripe
green apple aromas and a slight Brett character, with crisp, tart
apple & lemon flavors, subtle undercurrents of earthy funk and
a fairly dry white pepper finish from the Saison yeast.

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5.5% ALC/VOL

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