Join us at the brewery this afternoon as we tap a truly unique beer concoction. We’ve combined two distinct styles, an Oyster Stout and a Seaweed Ale (Scottish in origin), to create an oceanic brew redolent of old-world flavors.

Summertime is just around the corner, with plenty of sun, surf and seafood in its wake. While we certainly enjoy an abundance of all three in Florida, oyster stouts are of rarer stock in our citrus-drenched state. While a Stout may not be the first beverage you instinctively reach for before the beach, it may be the perfectly briny bookend to a day spent shuffling through the sand.

The style traces its roots to Victorian-England, where bar-goers frequently enjoyed pairing the shelled delicacies and other seafood with dark beers—the succulent, salty fare nicely complementing the dry, roasty flavors found in stouts and porters. While the combination is English in origin, it was purportedly New Zealand brewers that first committed the mollusk to the depths of the brew kettle in the early 20th century—shell, meat and all.

Brewed with two dozen wild-caught, hand-shucked oysters and dried kelp, our 3rd Coast Oyster Stout is as black as an ocean trench with a creamy mouthfeel and medium body, boasting a dry dark-malt character with slightly salty undercurrents. This brightens the other flavors and lends a subtle “marine” essence to both its taste and aroma—like a gentle gust off the Gulf.

Barring any seafood allergies, the results may just pleasantly surprise you! Join us for this taproom-exclusive release and enjoy a glass before the beach, or sip one afterwards as you kick back and relax out in the Beer Garden after a long, sun-soaked day.