Join us at the brewery this afternoon as we tap a truly unique beer concoction; we’ve combined two distinct styles, an oyster stout and a seaweed ale, for an oceanic, old-world combo sure to satisfy discerning palates.

Oyster Stouts trace their roots to Victorian-England, where bar-goers frequently enjoyed pairing the shelled delicacies and other seafood with stouts & porters – the rich, salty characteristics nicely complementing the smooth and roasty qualities of the dark brews. While the flavor combo is English in origin, it was purportedly New Zealand brewers that first committed the briny mollusk to the depths of the brew kettle in the early 20th century – shell, meat and all.

Brewed with two dozen wild-caught oysters shucked by our staff (shuckin’ is no joke) and a healthy heaping of dried kelp, our 3rd Coast Oyster Stout is as black as an oceanic trench with a creamy mouthfeel and medium body. A slightly briny aroma mingles with its dry, roasted dark malt flavors and a subtle “marine” essence.

The velvety oyster meat softens the mouthfeel of the brew and the relatively low ABV of the beer (5.7%) makes this a slow-sipper that doesn’t bog you down. This Stout leaves you with a pleasantly-smooth aquatic aftertaste, that doesn’t drink like an overly-salted glass of seawater (we were judicious with how many of the slippery critters went into the brew).

Swing by the brewery today and try a snifter of this unique, taproom-exclusive brew! Quantity is extremely limited.