Motorworks Brewing is releasing its first mixed culture beer on Friday, August 10th.

Inspired by Head Brewer Bob Haa’s love of Belgian Lambic-style beers, La Couronne Sauvage (the wild crown) is an American Wild Ale fermented with a mixed culture of yeast and souring bacteria and then aged in oak barrels for six months. Motorworks Brewing’s inaugural mixed culture release is a preview of things to come from their burgeoning wild program, focusing on beers fermented with yeast and bacteria cultures unconventional in commercial brewing.

Straw-gold and abundantly fruity, it boasts bright notes reminiscent of nectarine and pear alongside a firm, lactic acidity that finishes cleanly on the palate. Crisp, tart and dry with subtle undercurrents of funk courtesy of our mixed culture, La Couronne Sauvage’s nuanced aromas and flavors make for a complex, refreshing American Wild Ale redolent of old-world stylings.

Addressing its Belgian influence, Head Brewer Bob Haa notes: “When I was 22 years-old I was buying old, dusty bottles of Lambics from a guy in St. Petersburg who couldn’t sell them. They were so good that I went back and cleared out his supply, and I’ve been inspired by wild beer styles since I started home-brewing in the late 80s. When I visited Cantillon in Brussels in 2012 I considered that a bucket-list trip, almost like a pilgrimage.”

La Couronne Sauvage is 4.7% alcohol by volume and was packaged on July 12th, 2018 in corked and capped 750ml bottles. Bottles will be sold in Motorworks Brewing’s taproom starting at 12PM on August 10th for $25/per bottle on a first-come, first-served basis.

Roughly 400 bottles were packaged & extremely limited distribution to select accounts throughout Tampa Bay is expected.