Bradenton, FL – With the arrival of a 2,000 bushel grain silo, Motorworks gets another step closer to being a full production brewery. The 45 foot tall silo, a key component for our large brew house, will hold 2 row base malt. Production Manager, Dave Byrn commented, “The majority of our beers will be made with the grain in the silo. It will save us money, as we will receive grain then by the truck load versus individual pallets.” He also said, “It’s the best view in the house. You can see the entire baseball stadium and the buildings downtown.”

Currently, our spent grain goes to local farmers to supplement their livestock feed. Dave jokes, “Beer goes to feed the local humans, and the spent grain goes to feed the local animals.” With the arrival of the grain silo, we will have even more spent grain to disperse. The additional equipment to our large brew house should be arriving in the next couple of days.