More Tanks, More Beer!


Tampa Bay Business Journal  /  Bradenton Herald  /  Sarasota Herald Tribune

Last week we took the first steps towards drastically expanding our production capacity with the addition of a 150-barrel fermenter (one of three), 150bbl brite tank and 30bbl brite tank. A pair of additional 150bbl fermenters and two more 30bbl fermenters will arrive over the coming weeks and once all the new tanks are installed we will have more than doubled our current production capabilities with a top-end yield of 12-14,000 barrels/year. In short, get ready for more beer – a lot more beer.

Three 150bbl fermenters will allow our core lineup – V Twin Vienna Lager, Intellectual Property Ale IPA, Midnight Espresso Coffee Porter, Pulp Friction Grapefruit IPA and Rollcage Red Ale – to be scaled up considerably, allowing us to keep pace with our rapidly-expanding distribution footprint and meet growing demand throughout the state. Likewise, with more 30bbl tanks on the way, we will be able to scale up select small-batch offerings with additional tank space freed up for our more experimental brews; you may be seeing much more of your seasonal favorite soon!

The back-of-house has received a veritable facelift, and after months of grueling roof-cutting, concrete-grinding, spark-showering work there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel – specifically, light reflecting off the beautiful, stainless steel hulls of a bevy of new tanks.

Three down – four to go!