Motorworks Little Payne Creek Lager at Streamsong Resort

Motorworks Little Payne Creek Lager at Streamsong Resort

Anyone up for a round of golf?

We are proud to announce we recently had the chance to collaborate with Streamsong Resort to brew and brand a fresh new beer exclusively for resort relaxation. The result? Our classically delectable microbrew, Little Payne Creek Lager.

The back story: Streamsong Resort is home to not only three awe-inspiring, Top 100 golf courses but also a 228-room modern lodge, clubhouses, enchanting nature trails, sumptuous dining, and ethereal spa experiences. Streamsong takes its name from the stream that is Little Payne Creek and the song of the native birds and sounds of the wind as it blows through the tall grasses surrounding the golf courses and resort. Little Payne Creek runs nine miles through the Peace River watershed into the thousands of acres that comprise the resort, and its serene flowing beauty was the inspiration behind the name for our refreshing lager.

Meet Little Payne Creek Lager, a light, low-carb lager brewed with lime that packs in the summertime refreshment in spades. Crisp and clean with a light body, this smooth easy-drinking brew boasts bright citrusy lemon-lime flavors that make it perfect for a fun-filled summer day in the warm Florida sun — a perfectly refreshing addition during or following a round of golf.  As with many attributes at Streamsong, our custom brew’s mission is to remind guests of the hidden beauty that Florida offers.

“Little Payne Creek Lager is the latest in a series of unique taste encounters that Streamsong has cultivated to create unexpected delights for our guests,” says Streamsong general manager, Kevin Kennedy. “We think the light hints of lime and the crisp refreshment will be a favorite for guests and the team at Motorworks did a fantastic job developing this special microbrew exclusively for Streamsong.”

We’re not blushing, you’re blushing. We encourage you to check out Streamsong Resort today and enjoy! Thank you to the folks at Streamsong for this wonderful opportunity.