…but when he does, he prefers V Twin Vienna Lager. What do you do after a successful rocket launch? Naturally, you commemorate the occasion with a cold one. Turns out Elon Musk toasted the historic SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch with a glass of our V Twin Vienna Lager at our favorite Space Coast watering hole, Fishlips Waterfront Bar & Grill.
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V Twin Vienna Lager.

We’re beyond excited that Elon Musk decided to toast such a historic venture with a V Twin (when we heard all we could think was “Don’t panic, don’t panic!”). Fishlips was just here a few weeks ago brewing a collaboration beer that will be released exclusively at their bar and at the Brewmaster’s Invitational Beer Festival on April 7th in Port Canaveral.

Is V Twin now the official beer of space? We’ve brewed a wild beer in the truck-bed-turned-coolship of our Lead Brewer Jose Martinez’s ’84 El Camino Conquista, maybe we’ll team up with Elon in a space-bound Tesla Roadster to bring the planet its very first beer spontaneously fermented with Martian microflora. One small step for mankind.

“Commencing countdown, engines on…”