America is home of the free because of the brave, and we have one of the brave working right here at Motorworks. Jose Martinez was stationed in California, serving in the U. S. Navy, when he started experimenting with homebrew. It was then that he fell in love with the art of craft beer. After serving his country, Jose was left with one question: what do I do now? The answer? Brew some beer! So, he packed his sea bag and headed back to his hometown of Bradenton… but not before stopping in Chicago to attend the Siebel Institute’s Brewing Program.

With this new knowledge swimming around in his brain, he proceeded to bombard the newly founded Motorworks with emails saying: “Sailor out of work. Needs a job. Loves beer”. He got his wish on November 9th and had the interview of his dreams. Of course we loved him (was there ever any doubt?) and he’s been an integral part of the team ever since!

Jose is happiest when he’s creating or working with his hands – whether that’s wrenching on his Harley, fixing up old hot rods or belting out vocals, in English and Spanish, over the frenetic riffage of his punk band, Green Bastard. When you stop by the brewery, look for the guy whose facial hair looks uncannily like Lemmy Kilmister’s. Found him? Good; give him a salute, compliment the beer and you’ve found yourself a new friend.