We joined forces with our friends from Dark Door Spirits (Tampa, FL) to craft “Eye of Midnight,” a unique American Whiskey distilled from our award-winning Midnight Espresso Coffee Porter®.

Eye of Midnight is a dark, flavorful whiskey distilled from grain and hops that boasts smoky notes of cacao and black cherry. Two variations of this unique spirit—120 proof and 86 proof respectively—will be available exclusively at our 1014 9th St. W Taproom release party beginning Friday, June 14th at 5PM.

“It’s secretive. Mysterious. And, at times—experimental. The rare and unusual are commonplace here. The proof of the past finds the present. Long lost spirits are brought back to life. We craft what others fear.

And while some flee their spectral howls—we sharpen our fangs to drink from the night itself. Yes, behind this door it’s anything but ordinary. And it’s all the more reason to knock.”