We hosted our friends from Inoculum Ale Works today for a fittingly funky collab.

We brewed 15bbl of simple Saison wort (unfermented beer) with 100% Pilsen malt and transferred half of it into Inoculum’s stainless tote, which they took back to their brewery in Spring Hill. We’re both fermenting our respective half-batches in stainless and oak; we’ll pitch the same yeast but inoculate with our own distinct mixed cultures.

So, four distinct variants—two mixed culture Saisons fermented in stainless + two mixed culture Saisons aged in oak barrels—will constitute the collaboration when all is said and done. We’re excited to highlight & contrast the resultant depth of character of our disparate bacteria cultures and showcase just what wild bacteria can do for beer. We’ll update our blog and Facebook/Instagram pages with more info on eventual release dates throughout the process.