Brewed on the Winter Solstice with our friends Rollin’ Oats & Buddy Brew Coffee in Tampa, this collaborative effort unites the bridge-bound regions of Tampa Bay, championing our collective community through a common love of craft.

Hearth & Harvest boasts a hefty rye character with aromatic chocolate & caramel flavors alongside a delicate, fruity complexity on the nose. With undercurrents of strawberry jam courtesy of Natural Process Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, this seasonal ale is smooth, balanced & slightly-sweet with a robust rye malt backbone and reddish bronze hue.

The Winter Solstice was traditionally a time of communal mirth & merriment, and while it may be a bit too warm in our beloved Sunshine State to enjoy fireside, this ale still drinks best wherever you call home—with good food on the table and when shared with good friends, family, and friends who feel a bit like family. Cheers!