Pink Boots Gose in tulip

Everything Gose With Pink


This Gose-style beer was brewed with organic local strawberries by the female staff of Motorworks Brewing and local Pink Boots Society Members for International Women’s Day! Part of the proceeds from this “Big Boots Brew Day” will benefit the Pink Boots Society, a national league of women who all work in the craft beer industry. This brew features a cloudy golden color with a moderate pink haze. Subtle berry aromas are noticeable, while soft wheat flavors blend with slight strawberry sweetness and moderate lactic tartness. All of these flavors are accentuated by the use of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, which makes the flavors brighter. This combination of ingredients results in an incredibly refreshing brew reflective of more traditional examples of Gose. Enjoy our latest offering, packed with Pink Boots Power!

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