Blueberry Coffee Saison in pint glass

Blueberry Coffee Saison
Coffee Beer


This is a specialty collaboration brew with coffee-company Buddy Brew out of Tampa. The Ethiopian Harrar bean is harvested from the region where coffee was first discovered. This specific bean imparts diverse flavors depending on the year harvested and region in which it is grown. The temperature in which these beans were roasted helps to bring out a unique blueberry flavor to the bean. No actual blueberries were used, all flavors were derived from the beans.
It is cloudy golden in appearance, with fluffy white head. Enticing spicy phenolic aromas from the Belgian yeast strain are prominent. Up front blueberry flavors are noticeable on the first taste, with earthy coffee flavors building with each sip. Spicy flavors from the yeast strain carry throughout flavor profile with a dry finish.


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