Benediction Brown Ale was brewed in collaboration with South Street City Oven and Grill (Naples, FL) in memory of Joe Unsinn, one of the original owners of South Street. Joe was extremely passionate about craft beer, and he especially loved dark, Belgian styles. This Belgian-style brown ale was inspired by his favorite gourmet chocolate bar, the Vosges Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt & Caramel Bar. Chocolate and caramel malts, cacao powder, vanilla beans, fresh caramel and Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt were all used to achieve the delightfully intricate flavors of this specialty brew. Benediction features a tawny brown color, with a medium body. Chocolate flavors dominate its background, with subtle caramel and vanilla notes on the front of the palate. There is a lingering spiciness from the Belgian Yeast in the finish. All the flavors are a bit brighter, due to the use of the Himalayan Crystal Salt.