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Kumquat Bizarre Gardening Accident Florida Weisse

This ornery beastie bears unexpectedly delicious fruit, and a refreshing reward awaits all those able to brave its voracious maw. This Florida Weisse snaps at your taste buds with a crisp, tart, citrusy lemon bite and tropical kumquat kick. What happened to the last gardener charged with its care? Best leave it…unsolved.

Snowflake Unfiltered IPA

Our Snowflake unfiltered IPA is 100% Citra dry-hopped and balanced by a pale malt backbone. It’s sunset-orange colored, citrusy and a bit cloudy. Try the original or one of our two specialty versions dosed with Mango & Habanero + Grapefruit & Habanero. The Mango Habanero iteration of our Snowflake IPA won a Gold Medal at… Read more »

B-3 Mild Ale

Homemade caramel (by boiling sweetened condensed milk) stars in this Mild alongside pineapple, cayenne pepper and slight vanilla notes.

Harper’s Florida Harvest

Harper’s Florida Harvest is among the first commercially-brewed beers to feature Florida-grown wet hops. Grown just 30 minutes up the road from the brewery on independent grower Matt Harper’s organic farm, pesticide-free Cascade hops star in this American IPA. Three pounds of wet hops were hand-picked by Matt and the Motorworks Brewing team, going from… Read more »

American Stock Stout

Our adaptation of the classic English & Irish style. Bold, roasty and smooth with mild hop aromas and flavors and a respectable ABV to boot.

Auto #4 Pineapple IPA

The fourth and final beer in the Auto series. Auto #4 is a deliciously fruity and refreshing IPA dosed with pineapple.

Pulp Friction® Grapefruit IPA

Gold Medalist at the 2017 Best Florida Beer Championship, Pulp Friction boasts a massive, freshly-squeezed grapefruit aroma. With huge citrus flavors and a touch of pine from high-alpha hops, this golden-orange brew’s juicy, grapefruit punch is balanced by its hop bitterness and supported by a pale malt backbone, giving it a medium body and a… Read more »

Auto #2 Coffee IPA

The second of three in a series of IPA treatments. Auto #2 is a Coffee IPA we dosed with our Midnight Espresso coffee blend to create a clean, fruity brew with subtle coffee notes and aromas.

Auto #1 Sour IPA

The first of three in a series of IPA treatments. Auto #1 is a tropically tart Sour IPA we dosed with mango and floral hibiscus.

Mango Melon Habanero Enduro

We treated our 2016 Enduro Session Pale Ale with mangos and habanero peppers, crafting a crushable brew perfect for the summer heat. Orange-colored and slightly hazy with a medium-light body, the juicy mango flavors pair perfectly with the citrusy hop notes. Tropical melon flavors are derived solely from the Red Savina habaneros, which confer only… Read more »