Born into a world of hospitality, Kevin has stuck with his roots and does what he loves.  Originally from New York and raised in Orlando, Kevin is all about the finer things.  During his stay in Gainesville and attending the University of Florida from 2006-2011 he eventually settled on a degree in Financial Planning because he loves to teach.  Whilst in school he and his best friend enjoyed the life of quality and not quantity.  He got himself into the cigar scene, the beer scene, the scotch scene, and all the things a normal college kid would not do, especially during their first couple years.  Frequenting local craft beer bars and packaging stores he would also share his knowledge and experience with craft and got even his cigar buddies into it.

Moving back to Orlando brought him closer to where he is.  Reflecting on the fact that he loves to teach, he had a stint at a local cigar shop.  He loved to talk to people and educate about cigars and soon after Kevin received his Certified Tobacconist.  From here he would frequent the World of Beer next door after work and his days off, being even more passionate about another craft.  Fast forward a little, he started working at World of Beer and received his Certified Cicerone with a few others in his study group.  Kevin loves to talk about and learn anything and everything from beer to movies, to books and current events.  He enjoys being outside on the water or playing sports, throwing some darts at a local watering hole, and plays video games as to not lose his edge and professional status.