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Lemon Verbena Pale Ale

This pale ale is slightly hazy with a pale golden color. Aromas of fresh cut herbs with citrus undertones, similar to that of a lemon rind, tantalize your senses. The pleasant mouth feel and light body make this refreshing brew go down easy. Flavors of the leafy green Lemon Verbena (vervain) come from using the… Read more »

A Bizarre Gardening Accident – Grapefruit Berliner Weisse

A citrusy spin on our original Berliner Weisse recipe, this special edition small-batch brew fills your nostrils with tart grapefruit aromas. It features a very pale, slightly hazy golden color with an extremely light body. Juicy, tart grapefruit flavors are apparent with a clean finish. This thirst-quenching brew pairs excellently with spicy foods. 

Lazarus Kumquat Wheat

This refreshing beer features local Dade City kumquats, resulting in a pleasantly citrusy aroma. This batch of Kumquat Wheat is unfiltered, giving it a cloudy appearance with a sunny yellow color and a lasting, fluffy white head – like a sun beam topped with a nimbus cloud. It is light-bodied with tart kumquat flavors upfront,… Read more »

Morita Tequila Imperial Amber Ale

This Imperial Amber Ale is hazy auburn in color with a full body. With aromas of dried chili-peppers and fruity dried cherry esters it has a mild, malty sweetness. There is a pleasant smokiness to the brew courtesy of the Morita Peppers (dried Chipotles and Spanish for “little blackberry”). Tequila-soaked Mesquite wood chips add a… Read more »

Benediction Belgian Brown Ale

Benediction Brown Ale was brewed in collaboration with South Street City Oven and Grill (Naples, FL) in memory of Joe Unsinn, one of the original owners of South Street. Joe was extremely passionate about craft beer, and he especially loved dark, Belgian styles. This Belgian-style brown ale was inspired by his favorite gourmet chocolate bar,… Read more »

Chocolate Datil Pepper Imperial Porter

This unique brew has huge chocolate notes on the nose, with a subtle fruity sweet heat present from fresh Datil Peppers used in the brew. It features a dark brownish black color. Cacao powder gives this brew full bittersweet chocolate flavor, with a mouth coating medium-full body. Intense heat from the Datil Peppers builds with… Read more »

Belgian Golden Winter

Hazy light amber in color with a medium body and elevated carbonation. Aromas of honey and spicy ginger are most prominent with orange peel close behind. The flavor is slightly spicy with sweet honey and candy sugar as a balance.

Blueberry Coffee Saison

This is a specialty collaboration brew with coffee-company Buddy Brew out of Tampa. The Ethiopian Harrar bean is harvested from the region where coffee was first discovered. This specific bean imparts diverse flavors depending on the year harvested and region in which it is grown. The temperature in which these beans were roasted helps to bring… Read more »

Pumpkin Ale

Hazy auburn in color with a medium body. A well rounded pumpkin pie flavor is derived from the use of 35 pounds of pure pumpkin and galangal, an Asian ginger-like root. Aromas of mint and flavors of spicy fresh cinnamon on the palate.

Hibiscus Citrus Saison

Amber saison with bright ruby highlights and delicate white head aromas of floral hibiscus, grapefruit and guava. The flavors mirror the aroma, with the drying effect from saison yeast strain bringing out the floral hibiscus notes and bitter grapefruit in delightful tongue tickling harmony.